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The sleeve cover to Chic’s C’est Chic vinyl LP #chic #music #bernardedwards #nilerodgers #groove #masters #respect #disco #randb #bass


The sleeve cover to Chic’s C’est Chic vinyl LP #chic #music #bernardedwards #nilerodgers #groove #masters #respect #disco #randb #bass

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CHIC: YOU CAN GET BY (Womack ReWork)


One of Greg Womack’s 1st ReEdits.
RIP Greg!!!!

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Finished Nile Rodgers illustration.


Finished Nile Rodgers illustration.

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On this day in music history: July 28, 1979 - “Good Times” by Chic hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 6 weeks, also topping the Hot 100 for 1 week on August 18, 1979. Written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, it is the second R&B and pop chart topper for the seminal New York City based R&B band led by musician and producers Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. Like many of Chic’s other hit singles, lyrically they will seem quite ambiguous on the surface, but in truth will often mask a much more profound and deeper meaning within the lyrics. The duo will refer to their songs having a “deep hidden meaning” behind them. Edwards and Rodgers will base “Good Times” conceptually on depression era pop songs like “Happy Days Are Here Again” and “About A Quarter To Nine”, juxtaposing them with the then down state of the late 70’s US economy and the unbridled hedonism of the “Disco Era”, making a veiled statement about people’s need to escape and to forget about their troubles. That concept will even extend to the packaging of the accompanying album “Risque”, which will feature the members of the band posed in a sepia toned black & white photograph depicting that bygone era. Released as a single on June 4, 1979, “Good Times” will be an immediate smash, both on the dance floor and on the radio. It will go on to become one of the most influential records of the late 20th century and beyond when it also becomes a cornerstone of Hip Hop culture. Its innovative bassline will be used as the basis for the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight”, as well as spawning numerous songs either directly copying or having been influenced by it. “Good Times” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Chic 'Le Freak'(Dimitri From Paris Remix Edit)



Le Freak (Dimitri From Paris Remix Edit)

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Chic Feat. Nile Rodgers (US) - legacy music #sonar2014 #sonarbynight #night2 #sonarpub #bcn  (à Barcelona !!!)


Chic Feat. Nile Rodgers (US) - legacy music #sonar2014 #sonarbynight #night2 #sonarpub #bcn (à Barcelona !!!)

#Chic #Nile Rodgers #Sónar #disco


Disco lives at The Hollywood Bowl on May 10th with sets by Chic (feat. Nile Rogers), Giorgio Moroder, Oliver, Tensnake, and Destructo!
Tickets On Sale Fri. @ 10 AM PST Here:


Disco lives at The Hollywood Bowl on May 10th with sets by Chic (feat. Nile Rogers), Giorgio Moroder, Oliver, Tensnake, and Destructo!

Tickets On Sale Fri. @ 10 AM PST Here:

#Chic #Nile Rodgers #Giorgio Moroder #disco

Nile Rodgers – Mixed By Superix


Whatever your motivation as a musician, its hard to deny that most would wish for their music to have even a fraction of the significance that Nile Rodgers productions do. The ability to make not just era-defining, but also forward thinking and peerlessly dynamic music, meant that these creations very quickly became, and have remained such an essential part of the musical fabric that it’s so so easy to take them for granted. No doubt having witnessed at least a thousand women of all ages lose their mind the moment any Chic, Sister Sledge or Diana Ross riff booms out at a wedding, its just something you accept and you no longer need to even analyse why ‘I Want Your Love’ is about as perfect a record than has ever been created…ever. Same with ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Notorious’, ‘I’m Coming Out’ and some of the more celebrated productions featured here. From his work with Chic, Diana Ross etc. with his partner Bernard Edwards to latter work with the 80’s biggest icons, Nile Rodgers just made record after record where the magic wasn’t confined to just the hook, or the riff, or the groove – but was simply dripping from every bar.

Nonetheless, however much we break down every element and rapturously eulogise, nothing can say it better than the music itself, and Superix realises this. By hand-picking these 20 significant tracks from his epic production discography, Rix has created a sublime mix that allows the classics to breathe in full extended (and at times alternately mixed) form, next to lesser known gems, resulting in pretty much 90 minutes of the greatest music known to man.

With Nile Rodgers recently releasing his fascinating and candid auto-biography ‘Le Freak…’ and even more excitingly been found in the studio with sons of his legacy, Daft Punk, there’s no better time to revisit one of the people largely responsible for why Southern Hospitality and the world in general find themselves in the club week after week, still in search of that perfect groove.


01 Good Times - Chic
02 I Want Your Love (Dimitri From Paris Remix) - Chic
03 Tenderness (Original mix) - Diana Ross
04 He’s The Greatest Dancer - Sister Sledge
05 Socerer (12 Inch Mix) - Norma Jean
06 Chic Cheer - Chic
07 Your Love Is Good (Original 12” Promo) - Sheila & B.Devotion
08 I Work For A Livin’ (Nile Rodger’s Remix) - Fonzi Thornton
09 I’m Coming Out (original mix) - Diana Ross
10 Notorious - Duran Duran
11 I’m Not Perfect (But I’m Perfect for you) - Grace Jones
12 Let’s Dance (12” Version) - David Bowie
13 Soup For One - Chic
14 High Society (12 Inch Version) - Norma Jean
15 Spacer (The Freak Out Remix) - Sheila & B.Devotion
16 Everybody Dance (12 Inch Mix) - Chic
17 Angel - Madonna
18 Why (12 Inch Mix) - Carly Simon
19 Thinking of You - Sister Sledge
20 Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song) - Chic

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